The Ministry of health reported the corona-virus cases in the country breached the 78,000-mark on the latest figures updated on Thursday. The national Covid-19 tally stands at 78,003. The active cases are 49,219 people affected in the country and 26,234 patients have been cured or discharged, the total Covid-19 affected 2,549 people have died from the deadly virus.

Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra near the 26,000-mark, the highest number of cases as of now while in Gujarat, the second worst-affected state, the Covid-19 cases have crossed 9,000 tally.

The state-wise total number of corona-virus cases, deaths, and recoveries details.

In Maharashtra, continues to lead the corona-virus active positive cases 25922. The record number of death in the state 975 cases so far while 5547 patients have recovered.

As per the Ministry of Health, Gujarat is second highest positive case 9,267 of Covid-19 while 566 people have died due to the coronavirus disease and 566 recoveries so far.

Tamil Nadu
In the southern state, Tamil Nadu has 9227 corona-virus positive cases while 2176 recoveries and 64 deaths with this deadly virus.

In the capital reason, the total number of 7998 people have tested positive for this deadly coronavirus and 106 people have died from the infection while 2858 have been recovered, as per the health ministry.

The total number of positive cases in the state is touched 4328 on Thursday and reported 121 fatalities while 2459 patients have recovered from this virus.

Madhya Pradesh
The state has reported 4173 positive cases of Covid-19. As per ministry of health, 232 people have died while 2004 have been recovered with this virus.

Uttar Pradesh
The total number of Covid-19 positive cases is 3729 in Uttar Pradesh as of now while 1902 people have recovered and 83 people have died from the virus in the Uttar Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh
There are 2137 positive Covid-19 patients and 1142 cases of recovery while 47 people have died, as per ministry of health. 

West Bengal
The total number of infected and positive cases in West Bengal reached 2290 on Thursday and 207 deaths while 702 recoveries in the state, as per ministry.

In the state, the number of Covid-19 positive cases is reaches 1367 as of now and 940 people have been recovered with this virus while 34 people have died from COVID-19. 

Jammu and Kashmir
The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir has also rising the total number of Covid-19 patients 971 and 11 people have been died from the infection while 455 were cured.

In this state, the positive cases have recorded 925 Covid-19 cases and 31 deaths while 466 people have been cured and discharged.

Haryana and Punjab
In Haryana and Punjab have also continues raised the corona-virus positive case, the total number of cases 793 and 1924 Covid-19 cases respectively while 32 people have died in Punjab and Haryana has seen 11 deaths while 418 people have recovered from Covid-19 in Haryana, 200 in Punjab.

As per the Ministry of health, in Kerala have reported 534 corona-virus cases on Thursday and 4 deaths due to coronavirus while 490 deaths due to Covid-19 while 490 people have successfully recovered.

As per Ministry of health, in Bihar, 940 people have tested positive for corona-virus and 7 people have died while 388 patients have recovered as of now. 

Odisha has 538 positive Covid-19 patients while 143 have been recovered and three people have died till now. Jharkhand has 173 Covid-19 cases, three patients have died and 79 have recovered.

Uttarakhand has 72 coronavirus patients, 46 patients have recovered from the infection and one people has died. Himachal Pradesh has 66 cases, two patients have died and 39 have recovered. Assam has also reported 39 Covid-19 positive cases and two people have died while 39 people have recovered. 

Chhattisgarh has recorded 59 cases of coronavirus and 55 people have recovered. In Chandigarh, 187 people have contracted the Covid-19 disease and 28 have recovered, three people have died as per Ministry of health. Andaman has recorded 33 coronavirus cases, all patients have recovered.
Ladakh has 43 patients, 22 people have recovered. Goa reported seven cases of Covid-19 disease, all patients have recovered. Puducherry has reported 13 cases, 9 have recovered. Meghalaya has reported 13 cases and one death, 10 patients have recovered. One patient has died.

Manipur had two coronavirus cases, and those have recovered. Tripura, meanwhile, has 155 cases, 16 patients have recovered.

States and Union territories with just one positive Covid-19 case include Dadar Nagar Havel, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram. All patients in Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram have recovered. Sikkim has not reported any Covid-19 case yet.