COVID-19 update: India crosses 7,000+ Coronavirus Positive cases, death reached at 239. See State wise Positive Case Tally
Last 24 hours has been reported death graph reached 40 cases. The highest death in a single day, total deaths in India now 239. We are away from community transmission in India as per Health Ministry. 

•	Coronavirus – COVID-19 – India has crossed the count 7,000+ cases today, 1000 cases confirmed in last 24 hours as per state wise update. This number is the highest count in a single day since the coronavirus pandemic. 
•	The total positive cases of COVID-19 in India at 7,447 case today. The total active cases are 6,556 to coronavirus patients in India. As per Health Ministry, 643 positive patients have been recovered till now from this deadly disease and total number of death 239 cases. The highest number death reported in 24 hours is 40 cases.
•	The financial capital of India, Maharashtra is badly effected with this deadly desease, the total number of positive case has been reached 1,500. One of metro city Mumbai has recorded number of cases over 800 coronavirus since the outbreak. The total death in Maharashtra reached now 110; this number is highest death in a state. 

As per Health Ministry, Tamil Nadu has reached a large number in coronavirus cases in last few days, the total 911 positive cases affected for this virus. The capital reason  has also on record score with this virus total number  is 903 positive cases cases. In Uttar Pradesh, over 20 cases found positive on Friday, the total positive case tally in the state now 431 till now. Rajasthan also increased the positive cases climbed to 553. Madhya Pradesh has confirmed the total positive cases 435, and 33 deaths. 

Several states are now increase the lock down period such as Odisha and Punjab now extended the lockdown till full month of April for this deadly virus.
Health ministry announced that that we are away from community transmission of the novel coronavirus in India till now. “There is no community transmission in India and there is no need to panic," Lav Agarwal, joint secretary, health ministry told.
According to health ministry, the rate of people testing positive was only 0.2% on Thursday when more than 16,000 samples were tested, the total 1.5 lakh samples have been tested across the country.

State-wise COVID-19 total positive cases in India, 

Andhra Pradesh - 363
Andaman and Nicobar Islands - 11
Arunachal Pradesh - 1
Assam - 29
Bihar - 60
Chandigarh - 18
Chhattisgarh - 18
Delhi - 903
Goa - 7
Gujarat - 308
Haryana - 177
Himachal Pradesh - 28
Jammu and Kashmir - 207
Jharkhand - 14
Karnataka -207
Kerala - 364
Ladakh - 15
Madhya Pradesh - 435
Maharashtra - 1574
Manipur - 2
Mizoram - 1
Odisha - 48
Puducherry - 5
Punjab - 132
Rajasthan - 553
Tamil Nadu - 911
Telangana - 471
Tripura - 1
Uttarakhand - 35
Uttar Pradesh - 431
West Bengal – 116